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Monday, November 13, 2017

Many Christians Are Practicing Witchcraft without realizing it?

Christians are practicing witchcraft.

I was in intense pain in much of my body due to stage four bone cancer. My doctor sent me home as being inoperable and "he didn't want to ruin what quality of life I had left on this earth."

I had a friend who went out to the desert with me for decades. He was a chiropractor. So I went to his home to see if perhaps I could get some relief from my pain.

While there he told me that his 90 year old father had cancer and that he had recommended an Asian  herb to him.

He told my son and I that his dad took the herb and was completely healed according to his medical test results.

As you may well have guessed we were excited to hear about this.

So we asked my friend what was the herb? 

He evaded our question saying some stuff that indicated he would talk about it later.

There was no reason to not simply tell us what the herb was.

So a while later we again asked him again.

And once again he "took it away from us" by not telling us what the herb was. But he did say that he had some.

We asked him a total of four times what was the herb that he knew about.

He never told us but kept us feeling manipulated.

As my son and I drove away from his home we discussed what had transpired.

We concluded that if one of our desert buddies had cancer and we had a cure, we would not mess around, we would tell him immediately what it was and if we had some we would give it to him right away.

There was a form of witchcraft my friend was utilizing on me. One definition of witchcraft is taking over the will of others and manipulating them to your own will.

He was utilizing a classic "Amway" multi level marketing ploy on me. Don't know if he is an 
Amway distributor. 

He never did tell us what the herb is to date. 

Some friend, right?

Another time, in the 70's, I had encountered the same manipulation.  It was during a horrible recession where I had no work and the bills were piling up and the rent was due.

Someone suggested that I go to Calvary Chapels saturday morning prayer breakfast because a lot of construction people are there and perhaps someone would need a good painter.

I went and I shared with one of the men that I was a painting contractor. He said, "That's great, I am a cabinet maker, how about you come over to my home on Sunday with your wife and we can talk."

Oh I was so excited that perhaps he needed someone to stain and lacquer his cabinets.

My wife and I show up at his home and meet him and his wife and he starts with some sales techniques that were similar to what I describe above.

Turned out he didn't want to talk about work of any kind, he wanted to get me into his Amway world. Why did he not upfront tell me he wanted to pitch Amway to us and was not interested in giving me some work?

We were so disappointed as we drove home, the man had deliberately mislead me and tried to manipulate my will.

Some teach how to be a top producer in Amway. And if it is any kind of manipulation of a human, it is witchcraft.

There was one desert retreat where one of the guys was bragging about how he was one of the top producers in his real estate business.

He told us how he had taken sales courses to learn how to be a top seller of homes.

We asked him to share some of what he had learned that made him a top producer.

He said that "you mirror your target victim." If they fold their arms across their chest you do it to. 

If they scratch their nose you scratch your nose. The target usually will not notice the mirroring and will be manipulated to your will for the sale. 

He then told us of other ways to manipulate the target for the sale. I felt like I was listening not to a Christian man but to a Shaman who was sharing his witchcraft secrets with us. And yes "taking it away" from the target, just like in Amway sales, was one of the manipulating techniques. 

To try and control another human will is a form of witchcraft.

Recently a man approached me and told me that he had been praying for me. He did not divulge too much information and wanted to "meet with me" at "another time" to "talk about some things." He gave me his phone number, but I did not call him.

I ran across him again and he told me a little more information, he said he knew of a cancer cure and wanted to share it with me and that he would give me some stuff to read about it.

Notice he did not tell me what the cure was.

I told him that I would call him. But my red flag went up after I left his presence, could this just be another manipulating to get me to either buy something or join something? 

It certainly is following a pattern.

I been walking with the Lord since 1967 and have been assigned intercession for people by the Lord and not once did I feel lead to let that person know that I was praying for them in an assignment from the Lord.

Yes I do respond to prayer request on Facebook and I do let them know I will be praying for them. That is different than getting an intercession assignment from the Lord.

When we use any kind of technique to try and manipulate the will of others it is a form of witchcraft.

I know of a Christian man who is an office leasing agent. He trust in the Lord and manipulates no one. God opens doors and provides for him and his wife along with their 12 children. He does not have to try and control anyones will to his.

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